Proteus Reptile Trust

Dedicated to the welfare of captive reptiles

Animals Looking for Forever Homes

Below is a list of animals currently seeking new homes. We also have descriptions and photographs of some of our scaly friends!


  •  Various Corn snakes 
  • Reticulated python
  • Brook's King snake
  • California king snake
  • Rat snakes
  • Carpet python (2)
  • Common boas (4)
  • Burmese python (2)
  • Brazilian rainbow boa 
  • Colombian rainbow boa
  • Royal python (2)
  • Garter snake
  • Yellow Anaconda (2)


  • Plumed basilisk (currently unavailabe)
  • Bearded dragons (3)
  • Black spiny tailed iguana
  • Chinese water dragon
  • Male Tokay gecko 
  • Nile monitor
  • Bosc Monitor
  • Leopard gecko 


If you are interested in adopting Tarantulas or any other species, please contact us directly for more information or visit us on a Saturday between 10am and 4pm.