Proteus Reptile Trust

Dedicated to the welfare of captive reptiles

Donating Items and Food

Substrates/Enclosure Floor Coverings

For the majority of the animals in our care; especially those in quarantine, we use Newspaper as a standard floor covering for the enclosure. Although it is not naturally what the animals would have in the wild, it is necessary for us in a Rescue capacity. We currently use the following:

  • Newspapers
  • Toilet Roll or Kitchen Roll inserts (Great as hides for snakes)
  • Aspen Bedding
  • Beech Chips
  • Moss (For creating humidity)

Heating and Lighting

Heating and lighting is an essential part of ensuring a reptiles well being. We currently use the following types of heating equipment:

  • Spot/Reflector bulbs Bayonet fitting in wattages of 40w, 60w, 100w, 150w. We use Red, white and green bulbs.
  • Spot/Reflector bulbs Screw fitting in wattages of 40w, 60w, 75w, 100w, 150w. We use Red, white and green bulbs.
  • Arcadia D3 UV Basking Lamp - 80w, 100w, 160w
  • Arcadia Deep Heat Projectors - wattages 50w and 80w
  • Ceramic heaters - wattages of 50w, 100w and 150w


We have many animals here with a variety of nutritional requirements. Below is a list of just some of the food we use on a daily basis:

For our Turtles:

  • Fish such as Seafood sticks, White bait, Salmon, Prawns
  • Meats such as Chicken, Turkey
  • Complete Turtle & Terrapin Foods such as Natures Grub
  • Salads and Vegetables such as Rocket, Watercress, Carrot, Apple,

For our Lizards:

  • Insects such as Hoppers (all sizes), Brown Crickets, Mealworms, Wax Worms, Pachnoda Grubs, Dubia Roaches
  • Salads and Vegetables (For our Herbivores & Omnivores) such as Rocket, Watercress, Baby leaf, Chinese Leaf, Pak Choi, Carrot, Apple, Pears, Mushrooms, Courgette.
For our Snakes:
  • Frozen Rats from Rat Pups to Jumbo Rat size
  • Frozen Mice from Pinkie Mice to Jumbo Mice size
  • Frozen Quail