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We understand that situations change and sometimes we have to make the hard but necessary decision to part with an animal. We are always here to support in these situations, allowing every animal its best opportunities in life and finding them a new forever home. ​

The Surrendering Process 

1. Making the decision to surrender 

This is never an easy decision to make. The welfare of the animal should always come first, if you are unable to meet its care or financial needs rehoming is always the best step to take. 

2. Contact Us 

If you do indeed decide that rehoming is the best way foreword, please do get it touch. We will advise whether we have the capacity to take on your animal and its needs. In the rare case we do not, we will offer support and advise in the interim time in order to ensure your animal is cared for appropriately. 

Please do include the species, name, current feeding information and a brief overview of your enclosure. Attaching recent pictures (taken within a week of contacting us) better allows us to understand each individual animals needs. These can be emailed 

3. Arranging a surrender appointment 

Next, we will agree on time and date for your to surrender your animal into our care. This often does not take more than 15 minutes to complete. We will ask for you to fill out a form relinquishing ownership as well as gaining any extra information about the animal that may be important for us to know. 

4. Rehoming your animal 

Once a quarantine period has passed and we are happy the reptile is healthy, they will become available for rehoming. We screen all applicants to ensure they are going to their lifelong home; that their new owners understand and are able to meet the care requirements. 

We care deeply about all of our animals, please rest assured we will only rehome to people that can give them the very best life. 

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