Proteus Reptile Trust

Dedicated to the welfare of captive reptiles

Our Adoption Process

Proteus Reptile Trust operate along the same lines as a reputable dog or cat sanctuary but for our scaly friends.


To adopt an animal from us, we encourage people to come and meet the animal (and us) on a Saturday, appointments available from 10am to 3pm. Once you’ve had a chance to view the reptile of your choice and you wish to proceed then there is  short application form (which can also be completed online prior to your visit), a form of ID, and we then follow one of 2 procedures



For Colubrids/Small to medium lizards (Gecko’s/Bearded Dragons etc)


We ask for details photographs of the intended enclosure showing the heat source, thermostat controller,probe position and an overall layout of the enclosure; together with something to show the scale of the set-up. Providing all is up to the required standard then you can take the animal away.


For all Boidae (Boa’s, Pythons, Anaconda) and large lizards


We carry out a short home visit and check the intended enclosure. Providing all is up to the required standard then the animal can be collected.


We prefer all snakes & lizards to go into wooden (or other solid material) vivariums with overhead heat sources that are controlled by an appropriate thermostat. Glass tanks are acceptable in the case of certain species of Gecko and all aquatic turtle) All lizards and turtles should have UV light fitted to their enclosure. In the case of snakes, all heat sources must be guarded.


Please note, we are looking for permanent homes, and so please don’t be offended when asked about your future plans, especially if you are interested in taking on large pythons/anaconda’s/monitor lizards & iguana’s that grow to considerable sizes.


Rehoming Fees


Unlike pet shops, we do not put a value on the animal itself which is normally based on colour, sex etc but we ask for donations set at levels based on species


Level 1 - Minimum donation £ 20

Level 2 - Minimum donation £ 30

Level 3 - Minimum donation £ 35

Level 4 - Minimum donation £ 50

Level 5 - Minimum donation £ 90