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Supporting Us

Make a Donation

If you would like to make a donation directly to help the work we do, you can so a number of ways.

Your donation helps us to make a difference.

Veterinary Treatment

Every year Proteus Reptile Trust rescues hundreds of animals from a variety of backgrounds and inevitably some of these animals need veterinary treatment.

As reptiles are very specialist animals, we have to use Veterinary Practices which have a Veterinary person who is trained in treating Exotic animals. This as such can be more expensive than general veterinary treatment.

Amazon Wishlist

You can now support us and our animals by purchasing items from our official Amazon Wishlist!

We've put this together so YOU can choose how to spend your hard earned money.

We have items to suit all budgets from cotton wool buds to new enclosures. Every little bit helps and goes a long way to helping us continue our mission, to help reptiles from all over the UK. See our list HERE

Donate Items

Have you got spare equipment lying around or have you upgraded your pet's enclosure?

We can recycle donated items i.e. use them for our residents OR we can sell certain items to raise much needed funds to purchase food or help pay for our veterinary treatment.

Find out what we need HERE.


Have you ever considered having a reptile as a pet?

Why not consider adopting a rescued reptile from us and giving him/her a FOREVER home?

We help you ever step of the way from the initial enquiry to taking your new family member home. Reptiles are not for everyone and we understand that, we are more than happy to help you on your journey!

Raise Free Funds While You Shop

Do you shop ONLINE? Did you know that you can raise FREE donations for us while you're buying a nice gift for yourself or a loved one.

It's really simple to sign up and do, there are even Apps for your smartphone. 

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