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About Us

Proteus Reptile Trust is a long running registered charity in the West Midlands and was founded in 1991 and has grown ever since to what it is today.

We work with the aim of rescuing reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. We rehabilitate those in our care before finding them their forever homes as well as offering boarding facilities in order to raise funds to help care for our animals. We operate along the same lines as any reputable dog or cat sanctuary but for reptiles.

The animals we take in, come from a variety of situations and... unfortunately we are seeing more and more people giving up their animals because of the rapid rise in energy bills.

We work hard to ensure that every animal is suitable for rehoming and in the best health possible. We follow strict rehoming procedures to ensure all of our animals go to the very best forever homes.

Being a charity, we rely solely on our volunteers and donations in order to care for our animals. We are always looking for more ways to raise crucial funds for lighting, equipment, food, substrates, decor and vet fees.

Whether you are adopting, surrendering or boarding, you can rest assured each and every animal is cared for to the highest level.  Occasionally we do have Invertebrates and Aquatics come into the rescue centre but mainly it is reptiles that we provide refuge for.

Our Team

Neil Swann


Neil Swann is our CEO and has been here from the very start of proteus turning it from a small room in Birmingham into what it is today.

Amy Travanski

 Centre Co-ordinator

Amy Travanski is the head of our reptile trust using her amazing reptile keeper skills and knowledge to help a wide range of reptiles

Rachel wood


Our newest member of our reptile team. 

Rachel will be joining us part time as admin and learning all about our reptiles along the way.  

And we can't forget to thank you our amazing volunteers too!

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