Proteus Reptile Trust

Dedicated to the welfare of captive reptiles

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Proteus Reptile Trust is a registered charity in the Uk based in the West Midlands. 
Proteus is dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of sick, injured and unwanted reptiles from all over the country.

At any one time, we cater for up to 350 reptiles, from the smallest gecko to the largest monitor, from Corn snakes to giant pythons and everything inbetween.

It is only with your continued support that we are able to keep doing what we are doing to make a difference!

Latest News

Charity Collection Tins!

Great News!

We now have Charity Collection Tins that we are hoping that local businesses can put on their counters or bars so that customers can make donations. If you could help us in this way, please email us.

Proteus Reptile Trust relies heavily on public donations and we are hoping that this new fund raising method will help us and all the reptiles we look after.



We have many beautful lizards in our care needing a special home. Why not add a four legged scaley to your home!


Snakes by far make up the majority of our rescued reptiles. Would you consider adopting a misunderstood snake?

Going on holiday?

No one to look after your scaley friends?

Why not give your reptile a holiday with us!!
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