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About Whistler

Whistler is around 4 feet in length and can be a bit shy and reluctant, though once out and settled they become calm and very inquisitive. They require [and would make a great addition to] an experienced home. They have been known to strike at the glass and display some viv defensiveness. 

Whistler is one of our smaller Boa's as they are not yet fully grown. They came in 2019 and seemed to be around 3 years old though potentially stunted. Found as a stray, they were brought in to us. 

If you think you can offer Whistler the loving home they deserve, please get in touch. 

*Please note: we cannot guarantee the sex of our snakes as we do not probe. 


Common Boa Constrictor

Scientific name

Boa constrictor




Unknown - Stray

Help me find a home

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