Our sponsorship programme supports our long term residents who will live out the rest of their days in luxury here at Proteus. Sponsorship supports their food, lighting and enrichment and is vital to their continued care. 

Stevie Wonder - Yellow Rat Snake 

Blind due to cataracts, can be defensive due to this 

Stevie Wonder is our resident Yellow Rat Snake! He is around 15 years old and has been with us for over 10 years. He is completely blind due to cataracts in both eyes but has an amazing sense and always knows when someone is nearby. He is a lovely boy but can be a little defensive due to his lack of sight yet always loves to come out for exercise - especially outside where he slithers through all of the long grass. 

Sponsoring Stevie Wonder would help pay towards a bigger enclosure for his retirement here with us and lots of yummy food - after-all he is a big boy that loves to eat!


Scientific Name



Yellow Rat Snake

Pantherophis alleghaniensis 



Sponsor Stevie

Current Sponsors 

Chris Bailey

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