Proteus Reptile Trust

Dedicated to the welfare of captive reptiles

Want to Help Us? This is How....

There are many ways to help us here at Proteus, but the most obvious way is to donate money. Every bit helps, whether it be £1 or a £100.
Its takes a lot to keep a place like this running, the basic running costs themselves are significant each month, that's before money has been spent on medical treatment and enclosure improvements. Therefore any donation is gratefully received.

Check out our 'Go Fund Me' Page.

We have now decided to setup a fundraising page at 'Go Fund Me' in aid of several Bearded Dragons in our care undergoing veterinary treatment. Can you help us?

Helping a charity doesn't always have to involve giving money, as there are plenty of other ways in which you can help us. Below are some examples:    


Are you due a wardrobe clearout? Or perhaps your children have outgrown their old clothes.... either way, here at Proteus we take in unwanted clothes and are able to trade them in for much needed cash for our reptiles.

Below is a list of all the items we can trade:

  • Any unwanted CLEAN clothes
  • Old shoes, trainers, flip flop
  • Bed linen such as duvet covers, pillowcases, sheets, blankets
  • Old handbags

Our younger snakes love hiding in little cardboard tubes, it's perfect for creating a secure environment for them.
So if you have any kitchen towel tubes or toilet roll tubes then our snakes would be most welcome.


Proteus spends hundreds of pounds each year on replacing heat bulbs which are essential in maintaining our reptiles health. We mainly use the following bulbs at the moment:

  • Bayonet spot bulbs in Green, Red and White (40 watt)
  • Bayonet spot bulbs in Green, Red and White (60 watt)
  • Bayonet spot bulbs in Green, Red and White (100 watt)
  • Bayonet spot bulbs in Green Red and White (150 watt)
  • Screw fitting spot bulbs Green Red and White (100 watt)
  • Screw fitting spot bulbs in Red or White (150 watt)

We also use the occassional UV heat although we appreciate that these aren't the cheapest!
So if you have the odd spare bulb or no longer have a use for yours, please consider donating them to us.
As well as bulbs, we welcome any unwanted equipment such as vivariums, uv starter units, bulb holders, cage guards ect. We also utilise a lot of cage furnishings making sure our reptiles have plenty to do!
Some of the furnishings we commonly use are listed below:
  • Caves (small and large)
  • Vines & branches
  • Water & food bowls
  • Plastic dog beds (they make fantastic large snake hides when upturned
  • Hollow logs & cork bark