Proteus Reptile Trust

Dedicated to the welfare of captive reptiles

Operating During COVID-19

Adopting an animal from Proteus Reptile Trust

In line with current Government guidelines, to ensure we keep our staff, volunteers, animals and customers safe, we have adapted the way we are currently re-homing animals. In normal circumstances before Covid-19 we would have invited potential new owners to our centre for an informal chat and to view our available animals. Now we have adapted our re-homing process to enable us to keep finding new homes and we have social distancing measures in place to keep everyone safe.

Re-Homing Process

  • Take a look at the animals we have available, either on our website or through our social media links (Please note that we are working hard to update our website and not all animal photos will be currently present)
  • Contact through our website using the contact form, message us on Facebook or give us a call to enquire
  • We will then arrange an informal chat on the phone to discuss further and advise on individual care requirements
  • We can now offer Virtual Meet and Greet with our reptiles so you are able to observe their behavior and individual personalities

If you wish to apply:

  • We can send you an adoption application form for you to complete
  • After reviewing your application, we will ask for detailed photographs of the setup and may ask for a virtual tour of your enclosure and the surrounding area dependent on species sort.
  • Once everything has been approved, we can liaise with yourselves to arrange a safe collection
  • Minimum donations apply and animals are banded dependent on their size; species and care requirements. Please see here

Boarding Facilities

We are still offering boarding facilities for reptiles; however we have restrictions and measures in place to help keep everyone safe. Please contact us for more information and we are happy to answer any queries you may have.

Surrendering an Animal to us

Covid-19 has affected many rescue centre's such as ourselves, so space is very limited at the moment. We regretfully can no longer offer a home for turtles at present, however we may be able to help with other species. If you are considering re-homing your pet, please give us a call and we can discuss further.