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*Requires an experienced owner*

Hendrix is full of personality and requires an experienced owner due to such. He spent some time in foster with one of our volunteers to work on his viv defensiveness - this has since improved greatly although he still requires work on his taming. He came to us as he was being kept in unsuitable conditions. 

Boas have the potential to reach 12ft, though 8-10ft is more likely. This should be considered when deciding to adopt. We require a minimum of 6ft enclosure for snakes of this size.

We have no doubt he will make a lovely addition to the right person who can put the time needed into his rehabilitation. 

*We cannot guarantee the sex of our snakes as we do not probe 

About Hendrix


Common Boa constrictor

Scientific name

Boa constrictor




At least 6yrs 

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