Proteus Reptile Trust - Dedicated to the Welfare of Captive Reptiles
Rehoming Centre Opening Hours:

Sat: 10AM - 4PM or by prior appointment.

We are constantly looking for homes for some of our reptiles at the sanctuary.  Many have been previously mistreated suffering horrific injuries and even missing limbs.  We are therefore looking for people who can offer a life long caring home.  Don't forget, many reptiles live a lot longer than your pet cat or dog. 

If you are looking for something more exotic then we are not the place to visit as the majority of reptile which we see are those easily obtained in pet stores, such as corn snakes, bearded dragons, leopard geckos etc.

 Here are just SOME of our scaly friends looking for a home!

This is Hunter! A beautiful adult California King snake who loves his food but unfortunately also your fingers! Although he will calm down a little when out of the enclosure, he is not tame and will usually musk and try to bite. We know Hunter is at least five years old but his exact age is unknown. He has been with us at the centre for a while now and we would love to find him a new home.
This is one of our Bearded Dragons named Zac; enjoying himself in the garden! Zac has been at the centre for a while now; he has an old injury to his front shoulders which means he cannot move his legs in the typical way. He still gets around ok though and has a fantastic appetite! We are seeking a SPECIAL home where his enclosure can be adapted to his needs and he is housed on his own. He's a lovely boy with a quiet nature and we estimate him to be at least four years old.
Nigel is another male Bearded Dragon in our care and has a nervous disposition. Although he is not aggressive, he is unsure of being handled and will need some extra attention.
Meet Taco, our Desert Iguana! He is six and a half years old and extremely lively. Desert Iguanas are vegetarian lizards so are therefore ideal for people who don't like dealing with live food. He is not hand tame and prefers to be left alone but can be entertaining when going about his daily routines which usually involves investigating his enclosure with periods of digging.
Meet Caan! a beautiful Carpet Python currently in our care looking for a new home. At approximately five and a half feet in length, Caan has a fantastic appetite and an inquisitive nature. His temperament is typical of most Carpet Pythons therefore he is not an ideal choice for a first snake. Caan is just over three years old.
Speckle is one of several Common Boas here at the centre needing a new permanent home. Measuring approximately two and a half feet in length, Caan is feeding very well on defrosted weaner rats and is shedding on a regular basis. Common Boas are large heavy bodied snakes which have the potential to grow to anything between eight and twelve feet in length, therefore it is not an animal to be taken on lightly.
Tan is a Blood Python native to Malaysia/Indonesia. As a rainforest dweller, Tan requires an experienced keeper with knowledge of high humidity with reptiles. This particular snake has an unpredictable nature. Currently eating and shedding well.
Here is a full list of animals currently available for adoption:

1) Various Corn snakes from hatchling to adult
2) One young King snake
3) Four adult King snakes
4) Two Carpet Pythons
5) One Blood Python
6) One Yellow Anaconda
7) Three Royal Pythons
8) Over five Common Boas
9) Two Yellow Rat snakes
10) Two Checkered Garter snakes
11) One Brazilian Rainbow Boa
12) One adult Columbian Rainbow Boa
13) Various adult Bearded Dragons
14) One Chinese Water Dragon
15) One Desert Iguana
16) One Black Spiny Tailed Iguana
17) Two adult Leopard Geckos
18) Three young Leopard Geckos
19) One Yellow Spotted Salamander
20) One Chilean Rose Tarantula
21) Other Rat snakes
22) Map Turtles
23) One Bosc Monitor with medical history
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